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About Us, a unique personal story

I am Alessandro Felisati, founder of Matiola Felisati, along with my wife, Cristiane Matiola. Milan-born, my passion for design developed early on. Cristiane, also of Italian descent, hails from the sunny beaches of Florianopolis, Brazil. Due to my asthma, we left Milan, embracing Marbella for a healthier lifestyle. Our dream: a luxury fashion swimwear brand.

Our brand blends Cristiane's Brazilian roots with my Milanese sophistication, embodying joyful beach culture with playful details.

Matiola Felisati offers luxurious, sustainable swimwear that empowers femininity. Our innovative, Made in Italy designs suit various occasions. Imagine basking in the sun, on the beach, in a villa pool-party or on a boat, our apparel reflecting your style and values. Elegance, precise stitching, minimal environmental impact.

We give back, supporting reforestation, ocean conservation, and important causes. Monthly donations from sales make a difference. Through a circular economy and eco-friendly fabrics, we strive for sustainability. Our goal: your happiness and success.