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Product Care

We produce apparels that may contain Recycled Elastane, Polyamide, Polyester, and Nylon.

Swimwears are severely under pressure when in contact with water, salt, sun sunscreens, and chlorine.

Matiola Felisati swimwear apparel is made of the best high-quality Italian fabrics, if we want to maintain as long as possible all these beautiful luxury fabric features, to extend the maximum durability we recommend hand washing with a mild fabric soap after every use in cold water.

Kindly squeeze the apparel rolled in towels just to eliminate water excess and dry it down the shades.

Moreover, be careful of rough surfaces, do not hang dry, do not dry clean or iron, and wash it just after use.

Due to the presence of various details on our swimwear, again we recommend washing the bikini by hand.

In short please note that:

• using a washing machine definitely without a laundry bag can damage the bikini.
• do not use chlorine bleach.
• do not iron.
• do not tumble dry.
• do not dry clean.
• if possible, dry in the shade as the sun can bleach strong colors.