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Sustainability is a complex sum of practices that if implemented, would reduce dramatically our environmental footprint allowing our Planet to breathe again renovating itself, giving life to all the creatures. 

We adopt this basic rule: Every creative and industrial process has to be designed considering you as a person, your dreams and emotions, the ecological footprint, fair labour practices and fabric quality.

3D Design

We design on 3D avatars choosing colours, textures perfecting your wearability and multi purpose use, without making multiple numbers of prototypes. 3D design is to avoid wasting fabrics, moving goods and people, reducing dramatically the polluting effect of research and develop practices as well as using the latest advanced online platforms to be linked to our partners and data wherever we and they are.

Made in Italy

Within our Made in Italy approach we ensure qualitative, sustainable, ethical and fair labour practices in manufacture.

Our creations are manufactured both by hands and by machinery with an "Alta Moda" attention to details, seamless techniques, flattering elastic fabric and flawless design borders.

Exclusive design

Enhancing your personality, we want to create exclusive limited edition collections, where hand made craftsmanship and perfect style comes together to elevate your femininity, turning back to the things done well and durable.

Circular economy

Last thing but mandatory: Sourcing the very best Italian and European Certificated Sustainable Fabrics produced with less chemical and water, using recycled nylon such as fisherman nets and industry scraps, means that we all can move to a circular economy through the practices of reusing it or recycle it.


You might think that a recycled fabric or implementing sustainable processes costs the same or less than normal: it costs around the double.

Moreover, we accomplish to Spanish and Italian fair labour practices.

It Isn't easy to develop a sustainable business model nowadays, But it's our dream we want to share with you.

We promise you to not spare ourselves in the purchase of fabrics, taking care of design details through months of testing and development, because you deserve the best.

Stockists and online marketplaces

We’ve decided to display our creations only in high end, exclusive, sustainability committed boutiques.

In conclusion

We all have the great opportunity to make our world an amazing place maintaining our lifestyle without spoiling our loving Planet.

And you? What was your best decision in terms of sustainability?